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About .Jxck

.Jxck is a New York based music artist, writer, and producer. Growing up in Portland, Maine, .Jxck learned the guitar early on and quickly began adding piano, bass, drums, and vocals to his arsenal. Upon moving to New York, .Jxck began expanding his craft learning methods in recording, mixing, beatmaking, writing, and producing. .Jxck has been performing consistently throughout the New England and Tri-State areas since 2013. Throughout those years .Jxck has gained experience performing Alternative Rock, Ska Punk, Funk, Jazz, Rap, R&B, and Folk and more on Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, and drums. Following his 2016 joint release with Dregottheblues, Bluejack EP, .Jxck toured throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut as part of the Summer Sauce Tour with the band "Bluejack & the Sauce Boyz." The following year, .Jxck released his first solo EP, "Motions." The release was followed by the "Block the Wind Tour" in Summer 2018, which featured .Jxck, alongside artists from the Maine Collective, Block the Wind. .Jxck has since been performing throughout New York at venues like Ludlow House, Bowery Electric, and Dumbo House. Over the last few years .Jxck has been featured by the NBA following the releases of his Motions II and Beautiful Day EP's. .Jxck will be touring with Spose throughout the summer of 2022!

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